Shoe Covers: Easy Puppet Craft brown eyelash extensions!

I have created this adorable puppet craft. With the shoe cover opening facing you, put your left hand in pointing left and your right hand in pointing right. One puppet face will be on the left and one on the right with the bottom seam running through the middle of the faces (the nose!). This craft is perfect for younger and older children alike in childcare centers, home schools and elementary schools; all sizes of hands fit uni-size or XL. The brown eyelash extensions fun play that can be had with these is endless!

2-in-1 Puppet Craft

brown eyelash extensions
brown eyelash extensions

Materials Needed:
1 – Disposable shoe cover
1 – 3″ x 11″ piece of cardboard (1-2″ longer length if using XL)
4 to 8 – Different colors of glitter glue (in tubes with thin tips)

Step 1: Txnan  Place the cardboard in the shoe cover so that the  brown eyelash extensions bottom seam is flat on table face up
Step 2: Using 2 to 4 different colors of glitter glue make a face on one end – eyes, mouth, and brown eyelash extensions
Step 3: Using the other 2 to 4 different colors of glitter glue, make a face on the other end – eyes, mouth, eyebrows, and ears
Step 4: Let dry completely, preferably overnight

1) Older children can use a needle and thread to attach buttons for eyes and scrap fabric and/or felt for ears, brown eyelash extensions, eyebrows, noses, mouths, hair, and hair bows.
2) Older children can make a quick, ready to use puppet using permanent markers.


brown eyelash extensions
brown eyelash extensions

1) Have the children write and perform a play. One  brown eyelash extensions child could perform all by himself with the 2-in-1 puppet!
2) Use the puppets in story-telling.
3) This is a craft that can be easily made and played with by sick or chronically ill children.


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