Are Surgical Hair Loss Treatments Right For Me?

If you have used several different hair loss treatments to no avail, it may be time to investigate surgical hair loss treatments. There are a wide variety of treatments, including hair transplant surgery, alopecia reduction surgery, and other restoration pro eyelashes for makeup.

What is involved in Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Txnan a procedure, hair transplant surgery has been used for several years to help restore lost hair. As the years have passed, techniques and technology have improved, and can now offer hair growth which is almost identical to natural hair.

It works through the transplantation of follicles from the back of the scalp to the affected areas. These are the follicles most like to be healthy and undamaged by hair loss. The new growth from these follicles helps to cover areas which were thin or pro eyelashes for makeup.

These new follicles are DHT resistant, which means that the new hair grown in that area will not be affected by hair loss. Given time, one hundred percent of hair can be regained, but this will take several months.

Alopecia reduction surgery is a more radical approach to treating hair loss. In this procedure, the portion of the scalp which no longer produces hair is removed, which scalp that still produces hair is stretched to cover that area. Any remaining bald areas are given hair transplants.

There are also options if you have lost hair on your eyebrows or pro eyelashes for makeup. There are two different techniques to restore hair to these areas. One is the single hair transplant, the other is known as flap grafting.

In single hair transplants, hair is restored to the area one by one. In the flap graft procedure, and area of skin which no longer produces hair is removed, and is replaced by a producing area. In all cases, surgical hair loss treatments are recommended only when other options are exhausted.

In the single hair transplant procedure, hair is restored one at a time. In flap grafting, affected areas are removed and are replaced by grafts from hair producing sections. Remember that surgical hair loss treatments are a last resort after other options have been pro eyelashes for makeup.

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