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Sexy Halloween Costumes – Dress Up Your Alter Ego

With Halloween just around the corner, you have found the perfect pumpkin costume for baby Jake and your daughter Ashley insists on wearing her Disney Princess costume – for the third year in a row. But what about you? eyelash wholesale custom, you can throw on a mask as you hand out treats at the door, but what will you be wearing to the neighborhood costume party? If you’re willing to shake things up a bit, consider the following costume ideas with just enough sex appeal to turn a few heads.

Playful Kitty Cat. This is a simple costume that is based on a low-cut black leotard, long cat tail, and a headband with kitty cat ears. The sex appeal for this costume is enhanced with smoky dark eye makeup, false eyelash wholesale custom and black lipstick.

 eyelash wholesale custom
eyelash wholesale custom

Sexy txnan. Instead of being the traditional scary witch who is layered in flowing black robes (nothing sexy about that), try scaling back the costume to a simple black silhouette based on a V-cut black leotard, black mini-skirt, black stockings and high-heeled shoes. Them top it off with a flowing black wig, small pointed hat and dark sexy makeup. If you are feeling particularly daring, skip the pantyhose and try thigh-high striped stockings and ankle boots.

Pirate Vixen. Following the hit movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, pirate costumes have become increasingly popular for Halloween. And they aren’t just for the swashbuckling menfolk! To transform yourself into an enticing pirate wench, you’ll need a white blouse with long puffy sleeves and a low-cut ruffled V-neck. Pair it with any flouncy short skirt, fish net stockings, and over-the-knee black boots. A wide belt with a brass buckle pulls it all together. You can buy a three-cornered hat, or take a big floppy sun hat, sew a row of ruffles around the edge, and then pull up the sides and baste them to the crown, resembling a naval sea commander’s chapeau.

Frankenstein’s Babe. While the Bride of Frankenstein is often depicted in her scariest form, you can play up her sex appeal without much effort. All you need is a short white mini skirt and a fitted white T-shirt that has been randomly ripped. White stockings and white go-go boots add some playful appeal, and the make-up should be white-face, tons of black eye liner, and blood red lipstick. Tie a few scraps of lace into your hair and you’re good to go-go.

 eyelash wholesale custom
eyelash wholesale custom

Need more ideas? Remember, you can dial up the sex appeal of any Halloween costume just by adding a set of false eyelash wholesale custom, a pair of high-heeled black boots, and your sexiest attitude!

The author writes on many topics for women and is a closeted Halloween fiend. This year, she has purchased a great pair of pirate boots

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