Be a Head Turner With Dramatic eyelash extension adhesive Makeup

At one point or another, we had admired models in their best pictures as they instantly catch our attention whenever we take a look at magazines. Since they caught your attention, you always like to look again from time to time especially eyelash extension adhesive admiring their eyes that appears very expressive. Well, that’s the allure of dramatic eye makeup.

If you wish to be the ultimate head turner during a special event, you must really try the dramatic eye makeup. However, you might need a lot of patience and practice to eventually accomplish that kind of look. One needs to have the important abilities and expertise just to get the correct dramatic eye make up application. Generally, professional help in this matter would be most advisable, but there are occasions when  eyelash extension adhesive you can’t keep running to a beauty parlor, so these tips should help you get your makeup right.

Essential Things Needed

eyelash extension adhesive
eyelash extension adhesive

The items you’ll need for  eyelash extension adhesive such make up are as crucial as the actual application itself. So, make sure you all have the following materials on the table prior to starting:

• Eye pencil – the one which has a deeper shade

• Mascara – Black, blue or dark purple

• Liquid eye liner – Black


• Txnan  Makeup styling brushes in various sizes

• Dark and light colors of eye shadow

Start with the Brows

The contour of your brows could make or break the beauty of the look you’re just about to test out, so shelling out some time forming them is a great idea. If you have light eyebrows, pick a color that is 1 shade darker than your natural color. Whenever you already have dark eyebrows, all you need to do is make them look symmetrical and all-natural by forming them.

The Eye Shadow

The next step in application is the eye shadow. After choosing a shade that matches the color of your eyes and tone, apply a light colored shadow at your eyelash extension adhesive line and work it right up to the base of your brows. If you want to open up your eyes more and make them look expressive, select a darker shade and in the crease of your eyelids place a thin line. To get more variety, go in for a medium tone that’s applied on top of the dark color you’ve utilized and combine it in.

Make use of the Eyeliner with Care

The application of eyeliner is difficult and most women commit errors during this stage. Thus, it may need a lot of perseverance so for you to get the desired results, work on it consistently. You can apply eyeliner starting with the inner eye corner and extend it diagonally beyond the outer one. Move on to the lower lashes after. The final step of the make up application is placing dark mascara on both lower and upper eyelash extension adhesive. There, now you are all set.

I do hope each one of these dramatic make up tips have been beneficial. If you are looking for more assistance and you need any kind of help in getting the dramatic eye makeup, you’re most welcome to communicate with me. I will try my best to be of help.

eyelash extension adhesive
eyelash extension adhesive

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