What Type Of Skin Care Should I Use? Organic or Not

Perhaps you are asking yourself what type of skin care should I use? With an ever increasing number of beauty products on the market you might be a bit confused. And we can safely say that long gone are the days when burnt matchsticks were used to darken the 3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes and geranium and poppy petals were used to stain the lips or to simply brighten ones cheeks. This was not long ago as makeup and beauty products were commonly found in the kitchen pantry.

However, it was the advent of color film in the 1950’s, when the cosmetics and beauty industry began to be mass produce its wares. Stars needed to look flawless and since life imitates art we had an explosion in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes
3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes

The beauty and skin care products that your moms used needed to last longer so the industry began to manufactured their skincare products with synthetic ingredients in order to help extend the shelf life of the products. Therefore you can easily see that the standards of the cosmetic and skin care industry that we use today were established long ago and are in dire need of updating!

Txnan, did you know that “hypoallergenic” means nothing at all? It’s true! The FDA has no requirement in place that systematizes allergy testing for makeup or skin care products, so any brand that wants to claim its product is “hypoallergenic” may freely do so.

The FDA does prohibit the use of super-toxic chemicals, but other than that, (and I quote the FDA regulation) “Cosmetic firms are responsible for substantiating the safety of their products and ingredients before marketing.” The FDA doesn’t require them to do any particular testing first.

Its been a long time coming but its only within the last decade that eco-conscious naturalist turned beauty experts have challenged the status quo. The greenies have in fact not only squared off against the beauty firms and their standards but against the FDA as it turns a blind eye to potentially harmful ingredients in skin care.

The entrenched cosmetic and skin care giants, with their chemists, defend their claims and contend that organic does not mean better. And this despite the greenies basic tenet that skin will more readily absorb natural 3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes and therefore be more beneficial for the skin.

In the long run these same harmful ingredients damage the skin and prevent the thing which they claim to do. In fact, the chemical based products people use have the potential to cause further damage to the skin thus compromising any youthful appearance that you might have.

Beauty chemists claim that their high-tech creams last longer than your average organic products and are less likely to grow bacteria over time. At the salon, we always tell people that if you are using your organic product normally, you will not ever see it go bad and they have organic solutions to preserve the product.

These same chemists vehemently deny that parabens and other such ingredients are linked to health issues, even cancer. Evidence shows that synthetic ingredients in skin care get absorbed by the skin and accumulate in biological tissue, minimally taxing the system but worse potentially causing major health problems to the individual.

Organic skin care and natural products are the safer choice in my opinion and like anything else some are better than others. Years of actual use and thousands of hours of practical application makes me one of the top most expert in the skincare field. You can rest assure that this advice is sound.

Joanna Vargas is a celebrity facialist and inventor of her own full body Led light therapy bed, patent pending. It is available for retail to spas and private owners. She also has her own line of all natural skincare products

3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes
3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes

Her signature 3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes facial, LED light therapy skincare treatment and oxygen facial have been the source of rave reviews from the leading magazines such as Vogue, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar

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